Patricia Cornwell

Criminal Minds cast enjoys a little Patricia Cornwell action on set.


11 thoughts on “Criminal Minds cast enjoys a little Patricia Cornwell action on set.

  1. Jane Kobler says:

    AWESOME!! I love Criminal minds and anything SCARPETTA!

  2. Debbie Rooney says:

    Criminal Minds and Kay Scarpetta!!! Wow, mindblowing!!!!!

  3. Anita says:

    I would like to know if Patricia Cornwell wrote this book herself it seems to be different than her other books (more descriptive, rambling, kind of all over the place)

    1. cil says:

      Most, if not all of the Scarpetta books ramble and are descriptive. It’s apart of what I personally like about the storyline, follows real conversations one might have with people who teach and enjoy it. They sometimes overkill a topic.

  4. Anne Englehart says:

    I love Criminal Minds, and I just LOVE this photo! I’ve been a Patricia Cornwell fan for over 20 years now. My favorite is the Kay Scarpetta novels! I have to wait a couple more weeks to get Red Mist, but I know it will be worth it! :)

    Go CM! Go PC!!

    1. Hiromi says:

      When I took art classes at ISU, peolpe kept telling me I needed to work bigger. I wish I had found your blog back then – I think it’s good to be able to paint big, but I also think it’s just as important to paint small too. It’s really hard to lug giant canvases about!

  5. Alicia Delgado says:

    Me encanta Mentes Criminales y soy fan de Patricia desde la primera novela de Scarpetta (Post Mortem), así que verles juntos es un placer.
    Me encanto ver a Patricia en mi país, España, aunque Barcelona esta muy lejos de Madrid, donde yo vivo.
    Desear que siga escribiendo muchas novelas ya sean de Scarpetta, Andy o Garano, siempre se espera con ansia cualquier novela de Patricia. Y al grupo de Mentes Criminales, desearles tambien muchos años con su serie.

  6. karen says:

    that picture would make a great print

  7. nicole agel says:

    I finally cracked open my red mist. Read it one day!!!!!! I love your stuff and have for years!!!!!!!!! Hoping to catch you at a book signing in the NY/NJ area one of these day. You are my all time favorite…cant wait for the next one!!!

  8. Shannon Mykayla says:

    One of the reasons I love Criminal Minds is because it reminds me of a real-life enactment of what the life and times of Kay Scarpetta would be in her every day dealings, and I love CSI because it follows the way that Kay uncovers and reconstructs the causes of death and solves the mystery of what and how it happened. This shot here of the the cast of CM is fabulous! I think if CSI was in there it would be perfect!!! I’ve read Patricia Cornwell’s novel’s since 1996, my first one was “From Potters Field” just months before my 14th birthday. I’ve been hooked ever since. I hope and pray that the Kay Scarpetta series comes to life on the silver screen!!!! And while I’m hoping and praying, I’d love for Patricia to make a trip to Toronto, Canada for a book signing.

  9. Charlene DeRiso says:

    Love it!! One of my favorite tv show (cast) enjoying my favorite author’s latest book. I’m almost finished with Red Mist myself!!

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