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Welcome to my new website, Please forgive any glitches while we’re under construction, but I wanted to show you what we’ve been building online in time for the launch of my new Scarpetta thriller, Red Mist.  On this site you’ll be able to explore my work, my biography, my research, upcoming events, and some cool other surprises we have in store. So keep checking back for updates, and I’ll hope to see you on tour!  That’s all for now – Patricia

102 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Catia says:

    Thanks is a great site! I think we’ll have a lot fun here too. Thanks to Patricia for sharing your life and all the adventures of Scarpetta & C.
    Patrizia, Admin, and all are wonderful. Happy Birthday Red Mist! Happy birthday new website! Ciao Catia

  2. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait for the book, and your blog!

    1. Megan says:

      I’ve already managed to buy a second hand copy on ebay!!!

  3. Jim Marcotte says:

    Very nice site. It is clean, crisp and easy to navigate. Thanks for giving us a means to communicate with you.

  4. Mona says:

    Bought Red Mist yesterday ( Rood Waas in Dutch).

  5. chloe says:

    This is litrally the best thing thats happened sinced sliced bread its so cool :D x

  6. BJ says:

    Hi Patricia! Like the new site. Gonna download “Red Mist” right now on my Kindle, just got up here. Not able to read yet got to work but excited about it. My early Christmas present to myself every year. If you don’t write I don’t get a present (the one I really want anyway) :-) . See you in a couple of days in Los Angeles.

  7. BJ says:

    Just saw the tatooed chicken! Ha, ha, what did it look like about it was cooked? Must have been one tough bird. Just joking. :-)

    1. BJ says:

      Meant after it was cooked. :-)

  8. BEV WILSON says:

    What a terrific new website. Looks amazing and fun to explore. Congratus on the new book. I finished it a few days ago and thought it was outstanding.

  9. william says:

    Wonderful site but there again expected nothing less from you!!!! anything you do will be a sucess can’t wait for the next one …..Will you ever be in NC ??

  10. Monica Locklear says:

    Hi Patricia! I love your site! I can not wait until I read your next book!! Keep up the great work and I will keep reading your wonderful work of art. Love You Patricia!!!

  11. Linda Jackson says:

    This is a wonderful website! Happy Birthday to Red Mist. See you in a week!

    1. Jim Benish says:

      Are you the Linda Jackson that lives in the Bay Area?

    2. Linda Jackson says:

      No, I’m in the Dallas area. The only bays we have are brown horses. Lots of folks with the same name, though.

  12. Ernesto Mallo says:

    I like it a lot, and I’m honoured to share with you the pages of “Que Leer” magazine in Spain. Best wishes.

  13. karen says:

    like the interactive site tried the game whats the point?also looked at the books 1 is missing from scarpettas winter table.

  14. TJ says:

    Soo looking forward to the next adventure for Kay Scarpetta and her family,cant wait for Christmas so I can read RED MIST,thanks so much looking forward to reading all your blogs. THANKYOU PATRICIA x

  15. Cathy says:

    Hi from France ! That’s great ! I enjoy your new website ! Good luck for your new book ! I’m eager to get it here in my country. Thanks a lot :)

  16. claire elphick says:

    Loving red mist and your new website, creative. Was lovely meeting you in london, I was wearing the scarpetta hat :) must point out that i was the only one.

  17. Jackdaw says:

    Congrats on your your new site Miss Cornwell – very stylish and artistic!
    But will there be any room for my Art of Conspiracy thread?


  18. Erin says:

    Thanks for the update! I love the new site even if its under construction still! I am eagerly anticipating your new book Red Mist too!!!
    Hope you have a safe and fun tour!!! Wish you were coming to Idaho though…bummer! Maybe next time!!

  19. Isabelle PEREE says:

    It’s a great idea this site where we can play and learn things. I’m thrilled!

  20. Bek says:

    Finished Red Mist in under 24hrs. Loving the new site. Off to explore! Congrats on a great UK tour.

  21. Tammy says:

    I would expect nothing less from your website. The website cry’s out your name. I have loved all your books and will be purchasing your current novel. If you are ever on Cape Cod ,MA I would love to sit and have a glass of wine and listen to many of your stories.

  22. Mardell Mullins says:

    Thank you so much for your books…I had a stroke in 2004 and the simple desire to resume reading your books I have not overcome the loss of not readiing to now being able to read! Albeit it is slow at times but I still can read your wonderful books!
    Thank you Ms. Cornwell
    M. Mullins

  23. Erika Kindoll says:

    Congrats on the new site. I am a teacher of forensic science and we were using your old site with the Jack the Ripper synopsis. Will that be reposted somewhere? Thanks!!!

    1. Jackdaw says:

      Greetings Erika.
      My research, findings and thoughts within the Art of Conspiracy will always find somewhere to roost. . . . they have proven to be extremely popular upon the web since 2004.

      Best wishes to you and your students.

      Jackdaw :-)

  24. Debbie Janney says:

    I have been a fan since my one Aunt gave me one of your books. I’ll be purchasing your lastest two books here soon. I would love to meet you if you ever get the chance to come to Boise Idaho. You are my most favorite Author. Can’t wait to read the last two books.

    Your fan,

  25. Martha Dunham says:

    Pretty cool!

  26. diann says:

    I LOVE it! Thank you so much for all your books and a look at your life. I think Angelina will be fantastic as Kay Scarpetta. Hope it works out.

  27. Betty says:

    I LOVE your new site. It looks great!

  28. Emily says:

    What a neat website! ! Looks like it’s gonna be lots of fun.

  29. Jackdaw says:

    Oh . . . and by the by. There is a typo error on the News & Press page – it reads “visitedEast Tennessee” – ie no space between the wording :-)

    1. admin says:

      Thanks it is fixed! ~Admin

  30. Heike Franke says:

    Dear Patricia, dear webdesigners, programmers, team in general,
    you did a fine job. I especially like the “morgue” look and the idea with the different rooms. I would love it even more if the rooms were pictures of real rooms and not “painted” ones (sorry, hard to word for a German, but I’m trying my best to make clear what I think). Real pics would make it feel more real, as if you really wandered through Scarpettas place.
    And I had problems with the videos. First I had no clue there was more than one video. Then I saw someone post on twitter there are different videos. I still did not find out how to view the other ones.
    Well, but otherwise a very nice clean look. Maybe some sound added like whooshing doors would be nice.
    Thanks for asking our opinions.
    Have a good day,
    Heike (@hitchhyker)

  31. Elizabeth McNair says:

    Hi from Bonnie Scotland. Love your new site and cannot wait for Santa to drop Red Mist down the chimney :-) x

  32. tanya schmedemann says:

    hello, patricia i live in australia, if you ever came out here id be there to meet you, i love your scarpetta books, i never really liked reading at school, but i was in a nasty car accident in the year 2000 and was bed riden for a while, my girfriend gave me post mortem to read, “im like nah i dont really read much”, she said” take it, you want to work in the funeral industry i think you will like this book”. now i have everyone of you books including your cooking books.. im waiting for christams for RED MIST, i love that you have brought out this website it gives your readers and fans more insite to what you do to crete your books that we all love so much xoxox

  33. Vicki says:

    I have never “blogged” before…you are my first! Love all your books and can’t wait to read “Red Mist” . Saw you onThe View this am, great interview! Will look for you on “Nightline” tonight. Looking forward to “blogging” with you and your fans! Love your site!

  34. Tiffany Johnstone says:

    I love Red Mist. I read with my mother every night.

  35. sparkielspa says:

    Website looks like its going to be great – looking forward to playing the game when its all finished (still a big kid at heart here!)

  36. Ginger Quillen says:

    Finally! A site worthy of you and your considerable talent. I really enjoy it and will come back every day. Thanks!

  37. Peggy Zeaphey says:


  38. E. Ripper says:

    There are 53 people on the wait list for Red Mist at our library! Guess who is FIRST. Signed up 4 months ago before your book was even published. Love the new web site! I first learned about you one week to the day AFTER you did your Richmond, VA book signing last year. So sad I missed it.
    But in the 6 months following I bought each and every one of your books in hardback, paperback and CD/tape. Had a non stop PC read-a-thon. Get the new book tomorrow. Yeaaaa

  39. Em says:

    Love this site – so many interesting things to read and look at!! Can’t wait to get time to explore properly. Thanks for your amazing books and a fab UK tour – looking forward to the next!! Can’t wait for the film. Thanks again.

  40. Jim Benish says:

    Love the look of your web site. On vacation and just finished “Book of the Dead”. Can’t wait to get my next Scarpetta thriller.

  41. Sherrie says:

    Awesome website, had so much fun at your book signing at the Biltmore in Phoenix, Dec. 8th. Can’t wait to start Red Mist tonight. Looking forward to downloading our photos from the event. Where do I find them?

    1. Hamza says:

      16a15c35f6You can certainly see your skllis within the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart. 18d

  42. Nancy says:

    Thanks for all the great writing! I was a police detective for 25 years and I can tell you that you are “right on”!

  43. Abimbola says:

    this is great cant say how much surprise i felt to see this site

  44. barny says:

    This is great am stunned to see the new site. Its a job well done.

  45. John Fletcher says:

    Love the site and LOVE your books. When will we see them on the big screen! Wish you would come to Knoxville Tn all your fans here would love to see you.

  46. julian harrison says:

    Hi Patricia
    I have been reading the Scarpetta books since the first release in the UK all those years ago as a 20 something, every year for my birthday or Xmas i anticipate a new one.I have just finished Red Mist and yet again another classic Scarpetta novel. I cant thank you enough for the years of reading enjoyment and pulse racing moments that each book delivers again and again no matter how many times i read them . I am also a fan of your other books and although a heavy read your book on Jack the Ripper was fantastic, and i would love to know how you researched it and came to the conclusions you did. please keep up the great writing and i hope you and yours have a very Merry Xmas and a happy new Year …

  47. Linda says:

    Went to the book signing for Red Mist tonite and got to meet Patricia in person. I was a real thrill for me as I have been reading her books for a long time and the anticipation of each new one is great. Will start my new one tonite the only problem is when I start her books I can’t seem to put them down hence a sleepless nite. They are all wonderful, thanks for the thrill you give us with each new book you write.

  48. laure says:

    Thank You So Much For All That You Do For Us Fans…..You Do And Give So Much…..

  49. Pat says:

    Enjoyed seeing you at Warwick’s in La Jolla…..come back sometime! More later

  50. Jane Hogue says:

    I am a longtime fan but found PORT MORTUARY not up to snuff, The characters were so flat they could have been the robots.

  51. sherri says:

    reading red mist now very good i love all your work and have read them all.

  52. Tiffany Johnstone says:

    My big sister personally phoned London and managed to get a signed copy of Red Mist. Thank you Patricia.

  53. Rosemary says:

    The website is great. Have read all your books and especially like Dr. Scarpetta novels. However, about the movie — do you believe that Jolie is good for the part of blond, blue-eyed Scarpetta? How about Richard Gere as Benton? Hillary Swank as Lucy? Who would be Marino?


    waiting to share with you red mist wishing if you are coming to south florida it is not easy your in miami?



  56. Linda Tiffany says:

    You are an amazing writer. I have just zoomed through your first 9 books and am still zooming. What a marvelous gift/talent for writing you have. Although….I may not forgive you for killing Benton off….but I’ll keep reading :)

  57. judithe stearley says:

    love your books!!Which book comes after “Blow Fly”? I have to find out if they find Jean Baptiste!! I’m hooked!!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Trace is after Blowfly. Regards, Admin

  58. sandi smith says:

    Love your books. Just starting to read Red Mist.

  59. Isabelle PEREE says:

    I love Patricia Cornwell. I have all his books. She is courageous, tenacious worker. She deserves the success she has. She is more than a writer, she is a missionary, she feels good about her. She is generous. Her research is accurate and interesting. The day she welcomed me among his Twitter followers, it was a great honor for me.

  60. Paul Boucher (UK) says:

    Dear Patricia, I wish to congratulate you on your book, ” Portrait of a Killer”. At first I thought it would be just another hypothesis based on false suppositions and without substance. However your grasp and explaination of the warped mind of a psychopathe and insight of how they appear to others backed up my understanding of one. I firmly believe they are experts at learning from others how to artificially feel, and thats how they appear “normal” when the opposite is actually true.
    As to the book? I’m convinced you have reached the right conclusions about the subject. Your research on the subject and side issues I can see were extensive and factual. Congratulations again.
    You have done something I could never have achieved in a lifetime.
    I couldn’t put it down.
    I’m a retired Police Officer and served in Kent (UK) for some 20 years, some of which was in the Criminal Investigation Dept. there, and I would endorse your book without hesitation.
    That’s enough foot-licking for now, suffice to say keep up the excellent work, or was we say in Kent, ” Good on ya Gal, I think you’ve cracked it !”
    regards, Paul.

  61. vitamin a says:

    You have noted very interesting points! ps nice web site.

  62. Wendy Scott says:

    Hi, loving your books, I have read Red Mist and find myself confused that Kay’s husband is alive in this book but I’m sure I’ve read a book or two back where is dead?

    1. Dianne says:

      I am trying to figure out the same thing — Benton is dead in The Last Precinct, but alive in Red Mist…. very confusing to me — what did I miss?!?!

  63. Jessie Moore says:

    My wife Judith just purchased “Blow Fly” and read it and she commented to me how your style had changed and the exlpicit words you were now using. She was very discouraged in an author she always enjoyed reading until this book . She was going to throw it in the trash instead of keep it and passing it along to a friend.. I told her I would send you this comment after a review of it and as soon as I finish this comment I will personally trash it for it has word that needed to be edited out . I believe you could have used different words and got the same thought across.She is no longer one of your didicated readers.

  64. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!

  65. I just want to say I am beginner to blogging and site-building and actually enjoyed you’re web blog. More than likely I’m likely to bookmark your website . You amazingly have amazing articles and reviews. Appreciate it for sharing with us your website.

  66. ernie thompson says:

    If you would send an email to me that list the Kay Scarpetta lseries in order I sure would appreciate it.
    Ernie Thompson

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ernie,
      Here is a link to the list:

  67. cheryl cundy says:

    have i missed a book or two. wasn’t benson blown up and died????? just reading red mist and got a shock to see benson was back???

    1. Dave .j.w. Bisley says:

      if you read all the twists and turns you will find that Benson’s death was faked to make certain people think he was gone .read on and enjoy the best auther in the world.

  68. debbie wells says:


  69. Arlene McGrory says:

    I really enjoy your writing. Any advise for a new fiction write. have been working since last november on my
    novel/ What is the best way to learn police procedures and criminal investigation?

    1. Dave .j.w. Bisley says:

      become the home office patholigist for Verginia,like Patricia was .

  70. Dave .j.w. Bisley says:

    just finished your last book Red Mist, and I want to say ,it was brilliant and up to your usual high standard, its not that I have tunnel vision,but you are the only auther i will read, please keep them coming .from your gratest fan in England, you once sent me one of your books for my birthday signed by you , and it has pride of place in my bookcase xx.

  71. chris ramby says:

    Patricia, I’ve read every book you’ve written except for the nonfiction. They’ve been novels I couldn’t put down except for the most recent ones Scarpetta and The Scarpetta Factor. In those novels I found a completely different Scarpetta. She has become a bit more intellectual and less gutsy and intuitive. It reminds me a bit of Tom Clancy who has becomes so involved in detail of technology that you lose the essence of the person. I really liked the old Scarpetta better who seemed a little truer to herself. Also what happened to Lucy? She doesn’t seem to have any emotions beyond anger. She is totally out of control lately. I’ve always loved Marino, his honesty and love for Scarpetta so to have him attempt to rape her was shocking and totally out of character. Benton I can’t connect with at all. He too seems like a stuffed shirt with very little emotion. I don’t understand that relationship at all. Neither he nor Scarpetta seem to be getting much fulfillment out of their union. I just read Trace again because it was on sale at BJs and it was just as good as my first reading. I wish I had saved all the other earlier novels I had to reconnect with the Scarpetta I love and admire. Thanks for this opportunity for me to connect.

  72. Janelle says:

    M. Cornwell,
    Many thanks for all your work writing books that really satisfy. Definitely not a writer you want to read in the evening, though….more than a few “too many pages more” nights! Keep them coming, however. Wonderful reads are very welcomed.

  73. Jean Georges says:

    I have just finished Red Mist, and as always could not put it down. Have ten of your books, all Scarpetta, and have ordered your newest, The Bone Bed.

    I seem not to be able to find the book where Kay’s love Benton Leslie returns after she and everyone else thinks he has been killed in a gruesome murder. Please tell me which novel I should order for his return.

    Thank you for writing so skillfully, with such knowledge and intrigue.

  74. L. Davis says:

    I have read all of you Scarpetta novels (except, of couse, for the one about to be released. Just finished Jack the Ripper novel. I found it very entertaining. I didn’t think I would care for it because it was a change from the Scarpetta books but would recomment this book to anyone interested in English history. Thanks for all your books.

  75. Edward Laughlin says:

    Reading Red Mist now saw your nice article in Atlanta paper today.I am a retired Navy vet of ww11-Korea and Vietnam-live in Atlanta suburb-87 years old.

  76. Rebecca says:

    I just finished reading The Bone Bed and can’t wait for a new book!! I have read every Kay Scarpetta story and love them!!! Thanks Patricia for wonderful reading!! I hope you have many more stories to go!!!

  77. rkaul says:

    who is the maker of the blue jacket on the back cover of Red Mist?

  78. the writer says:

    Hi Ms P:
    Just read Bone Bed. Question: whatever possessed you to go Boston for a setting? The home of George Higgins, Robert Parker (kind of a prostitute at the end) Dennis Lehane, et al. I can understand the competitive aspect: see if you can compete on the home turf of some biggies. — I mean, Eddie Coyle? What a book!
    nonetheless, I always felt a new, less explored setting more appropriate and fresher. One, the moralistic history of Boston and NE in general have lost their calvinist tension in past decades. The NC setting would be so fresh and ripe for plots…or more Baltimore stuff. But Boston? I dunno, seems like the rarified Cambridge air takes the edge offa Scarpetta’s unique abilities.

  79. Fiona Noone says:

    I am an avid fan and take so much pleasure in reading your books,when I first crack open the book and I can almost smell the story.
    In one of your novels you used a character by the surname of Loving,do you have any connection to this name in Richmond,or is it just a coincidence that my father is from Bowling Green Virg and his surname is Loving.??just curious

  80. Eleanor Carroll says:

    Ms. Cornwell; I am an avid fan of yours I have all of your novels, but I have to say “red Mist” was the most boring and inane of all your novels.. Too, much talking, too many names to remember boring plot, with unanswered questions. It is difficult to realize you actually wrote this! I will continue to purchase your books (as you are my favorite author), but please bring back more of the story lines such as “Post Mortum”,”Blow Fly”, “The Body Farm”, and etc. I know you want your characters to evolve, but not yet, please.

  81. Love It! Keep up the good work.

  82. Peg says:

    You are my favorite author of all authors!

  83. Javier zambrano says:

    Dear, i would appreciate if you let me know the names of the songs played in the film at risk.
    Thanks a lot and best regards, javier zambrano

  84. Jackdaw says:

    Greetings Patricia.
    Can I ask if you are planning to write a ‘Portrait of a Killer 2′ ?

    Jackdaw UK

    Your readers / fans may enjoy reading the below link on the HISTORUM website.

    Jack the Ripper : The Art of Conspiracy

  85. Fran says:

    Just hope you get that management company and mention their name everywhere!

    Also please give we Kindle readers a break on your book prices please.

    Good Luck,

  86. Gerald Arrington says:

    I have read almost all of your Kay Scarpetta novels, and Andy Brazil Series, just bought Red Mist and Port Mortuary to complete set ,and fixing to read these two books, ready for some good action,forensics,twists and turns as Scarpetta works on relationship with niece and Benton and her Detective Marino ,go out and solve more cases with science and cook up some good food and conspiracy to bring the killers to justice through working for the dead , Love you Patricia Cornwell

  87. Donna Elam says:

    Hi, Patricia! I’m a major fan. Need to know when you’re going to make a Scarpetta movie for TV? Absolutely love the Dr. & her crew ! Please don’t make us wait any longer. Thank you for bringing Kay to life! Sincerely, Donna Elam

  88. Cindi says:

    Patricia…I’m a huge fan of your books and I have read Red Mist a while ago and am wondering if it is appropriate reading for my advanced reader (11th grade level) 13 year old granddaughter? She is very advanced for her age and I don’t remember a lot of sex in the book, more mystery/crime solving which she loves. She calls the books for her age boring and is looking for a new series (I just purchased the second book in the Scarpetta series) and told her I just started reading that one and would let her know if I could pass them to her…what do you think?

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